Combined Annotation Dependent Depletion (CADD)

CADD scores are freely available for all non-commercial applications. If you are planning on using them in a commercial application, please contact us.

Please upload a VCF file containing up to 100,000 variants

Please provide a (preferentially gzip-compressed) VCF file of your variants. For information on the VCF format see It is sufficient to provide the first 5 columns of a VCF file without header, as all other information than CHROM, POS, REF, ALT will be ignored anyway. The maximum accepted file size is set at 2MB (>100,000 variants for 5 column compressed VCF). If you try to upload files larger than 2MB, you will receive an error ("Connection reset"). You will be able to retrieve your variants faster, if you upload them in smaller sets. The file that will be provided for download is a gzip-compressed tab-separated text file. Make sure that your browser does not alter the file extension (.tsv.gz) during download; otherwise your operating system will not be able to automatically pick the right programs for opening the output. If you need more variants, we suggest downloading the full set of variants.

Include underlying annotation in output (not only the scores)

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